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Dr. Chonglun Xie
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Lighthouse Internal Medicine and Primary Care is a patient-centered clinic. We care about your health. We listen to your needs. We are always available to help you as your best interest is our only interest. We will keep you well informed regarding your physical condition, laboratory tests, and special examination results so that you can make the best decision on your own individual treatment plan.

Our doctor not only sees you at our office, but also follows-up you at hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and/or nursing homes depending on the level of care that you require. We believe in the continuity of care for each and every one of our patients. We also have knowledgeable and reliable sub-specialty consultants to meet all your special needs.

The primary physician in our office, Dr. Xie is certified by the American Board on Internal Medicine and holds both medical doctor (M.D.) and Master of Pathophysiology degrees. With more than 20 years of medical practice and research training, Dr. Xie's experience enables him to diagnose and treat virtually every type of non-surgical illness. Dr. Xie devotes his full time and attention to insure that all patients will receive comprehensive diagnoses, effective treatment, and understandable answers to all questions.

Dr.Chonglun Xie

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